Housing Action Plan

This report is submitted pursuant to a grant from the Twenty-Eighth Legislature of the State of Hawaii to develop a statewide Action Plan for the delivery of housing to Hawaii residents. HIPA retained the services of the Land Use Research Foundation (LURF) to consult on planning, permitting, and legislation; Good Consulting Group (GCG) to provide expertise on housing and infrastructure financing; and R.M. Towill Corporation (R.M. Towill) to review infrastructure requirements and costs. The Hawaii Housing Finance & Development Corporation (HHFDC), the various counties of the State, and housing developers and stakeholders also contributed information and made recommendations regarding the housing process and programs. The original intent of the grant application was to provide a comprehensive reference document relating to housing in Hawaii for elected officials, policy makers, administrators, housing developers, and members of the public. However, due to budget constraints and a brief time window, the scope of services under the grant was amended to primarily focus on a plan to facilitate five potential housing projects, one from each county, and another Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) project in the City and County of Honolulu. This final draft report is a reference document with useful information and recommendations relating to housing in Hawaii in the following areas: 1. Creating access to land for housing. 2. Streamlining the land entitlement and permitting process for housing projects and creating housing pilot projects. 3. Utilizing State and county financial incentives. 4. Analyzing infrastructure needs, costs, and phasing, and providing funding for infrastructure and housing developments. 5. Identifying and employing a Financing Toolbox for housing in Hawaii. 6. Proposing legislation to facilitate the development of Housing in Hawaii. 7. Assembling a Housing Project Team. 8. Expanding outreach to government and the community. 9. Supporting buyer/renter qualifications.

Now Available: the 2016 Hawai‘i Directory of Public Officials

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