Hawaii 2050 Sustainability Plan

HIPA assisted the Hawaii 2050 Sustainability Task Force in developing the Hawaii 2050 Sustainability Plan -- the state's first long-range sustainability plan in 30 years. The Task Force decided to invest in a community-driven approach that asked the residents what future they want for their children and grandchildren. Topics of investigation included: what options for jobs and careers will the next generation have? What choices will they have in housing, healthcare and education? How will we care for the land and oceans to protect our fragile environment? As the lead consultant, HIPA designed and implemented a comprehensive range of tools to assist the Task Force in engaging communities across the state in this in-depth conversation about the future of Hawaii's economy, society and environment. Ultimately, more than 10,000 residents participated in the Hawaii 2050 planning process, making it one of the most inclusive community planning events in Hawaii. HIPA developed and utilized these tools:

Now Available: the 2016 Hawai‘i Directory of Public Officials

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