Housing Action Plan
This report focuses on five potential housing projects, one in each county and a TOD project, to provide a reference for the mechanisms needed to build the needed housing for Hawaii.

Building Modern Learning Environments
Teaching for tomorrow's jobs means creating an educational environment focused on innovation.

Hawaii's physical infrastructure is old and failing. This comprehensive, statewide summary of infrastructure projects identifies urgent needs and costs.


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Preparing Hawaii’s Keiki for the 21st Century

The world is changing faster than ever with exponentially growing data and technology. If we don't want our Keiki to fall behind, we will have to invest in exemplary public school facilities in order to achieve aspirational learning environments. Our Keiki will have to solve problems that we don't even know about, with tools that haven't even been invented yet. This video illustrates some of the challenges facing the next generation: Video produced by Jose Esteves. ([url=][/url])

It’s About the Keiki!

When it comes to building exemplary school facilities, we must place our Keiki's health and happiness first. Based on numerous studies, some of which can be found on our 21st Century Schools project page, the learning environment plays a huge role in the success of children at school. Expecting children to perform well in sweltering classrooms without access to electricity, water, or basic working facilities is something that is, on its face, wrong. Not only will the children be unable to learn and preform at their fullest potential, but their very well being is compromised. This is more than a nice thing to do. Providing exemplary learning environments for our Keiki is Pono; it's the right thing to do! Photo taken by Dennis Oda

Physical Infrastructure in Hawaii: Phase II

Phase II HIPA retained RM Towill to do an assessment of the state’s infrastructure needs for the next 20 years. Please click here to download the full Phase II report, which concludes that the state faces over $15 billion in infrastructure needs through 2034, which, if fully constructed, could result in over $1.7 billion in tax revenue to the state, and lead to the creation of over 212,000 jobs.

Available Now: the 2017 Hawai‘i Directory of Public Officials

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